Dr. Randy Shipman

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    Dr Randy Shipman originally from Corwith Iowa studied at Scott Community College and then graduated from Iowa State University.  He is a 1992 graduate of Palmer Chiropractic and opened his first practice in Davenport in 1993 with Dr. Dennis Lopez. In 2001 he moved to a his second location in Davenport at Eastern in 53rd Street. His practice continued to grow as he built his practice on helping as many people experience true wellness for themselves as well as their friends and family so they could better impact their lives and the lives of others. While at that location, his practice grew with this vision and the addition of other doctors of chiropractic which complimented the practice with their talents and an emphasis on wellness and performance. This means a focus on cause and prevention as opposed to pain management for the opportunity for patients to get better faster and stay better longer. 

    His vision for providing his patients with the opportunity to raise overall health of physical, personal motivation and nutrition through chiropractic health. This continues to be the emphasis at Shipman Chiropractic Clinic. Dr. Shipman continues his desire for as many people possible to experience what high level wellness involves.

    Dr. Shipman is a member of the Iowa Chiropractic Society He is involved with the Masons, his local church, serving as a trained lay speaker and participates in church sponsored events and organizations. His hobbies include wood working and  scouting . He has a passion for outdoors and camping.


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