Gonstead Technique

Chiropractor performing an adjustment Today's world of chiropractic care features numerous traditions and techniques for manipulating joint components to optimize function and relieve painful conditions. Some of these are based on general assessments of your musculoskeletal condition, while others emphasize a more detailed, scientific approach to diagnosis and treatment. One of the most detailed and advanced of such approaches is the Gonstead Technique -- which we're happy to offer here at Shipman Chiropractic.

What Sets This Chiropractic Technique Apart

The Gonstead Technique was created by its chiropractor namesake, Dr. Clarence Selmer Gonstead, whose 55-year career encompassed more than 4 million chiropractic adjustments. Dr. Gonstead put these decades of extensive experience to good use in formulating a new, science-driven biomechanical analysis protocol for chiropractors.

The Gonstead Technique centers around optimizing the alignment of the pelvis, legs, and spinal vertebrae. It identifies problems in these areas by making use of five key diagnostic criteria:

  • X-ray analysis: X-ray imaging provides clear views of the full spine in the standing position. These images allow your chiropractor to spot even tiny imbalances that occur during weight-bearing.
  • Instrumentation: A special probe called a Nervoscope obtains temperature readings at various points on the spine. Differences in temperature may point to an inflammatory problem or pinched nerve.
  • Static palpation: Your chiropractor will feel the suspected trouble spot while you remain still to check for tenderness, tightness, swelling, or other trouble signs.
  • Motion palpation: Your chiropractor administers the evaluation while the spine bends and twists, checking for any peculiarities in the way your vertebrae move.
  • Visualization: This final step serves as a big-picture summary of all the collected diagnostic data.

This exhaustive diagnostic procedure allows Shipman to make the most precise, accurate, efficient spinal adjustments possible. By focusing on corrections to the lower spinal and pelvic alignment, our team establishes a solid foundation for your whole body, restoring symmetry and addressing subluxations (alignment errors) that might otherwise go undetected and untreated.

Can You Benefit From the Gonstead Technique?

Does the Gonstead Technique make sense for your specific health and wellness challenge? The only way to find out for sure is by scheduling an evaluation at our chiropractic clinic. Contact us today at (563) 359-1985 so we can get started on improving your spinal mobility, stability, and comfort!


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