Julie Woodland

Julie Woodland

Julie Woodland, a licensed massage therapist, is from New Hampshire.  Last November (2022) the stars aligned with an opportunity to be closer to her daughter. Julie gave up her private practice of 23 years, packed her covered wagon and headed west.   

Over time, Julie continues to educate herself in the field of bodywork.  Finding that the more she learns the more she thirsts to learn.  Her sincere hope is to make a difference in the lives of those she touches by providing clients a safe space to express their needs, relax and receive. Julie contends that it is in that sacred space where on can experience peace, perhaps joy, connection with their whole self -  body, mind, spirit and begin to heal.

Julie loves the snow, mountains, & hiking.  Her happy places are: times with family and friends, being in nature, music (especially classical) the arts, and practicing massage.  


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